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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NIL?
NIL means Name Image Likeness. NIL refers to the manner in which a Student athlete may receive compensation for use of their name, image and likeness. Businesses may choose an athlete of their liking, one that depicts the image they seek to portray.
How does NIL Exposure Sports work?
Student athletes will develop their own athlete profile. Athlete profiles will not be viewed by the general public. Rather, vetted vendors will have access to athlete profiles to search for candidates depicting their company value.
Who can see my profile?
Student athlete profiles will only be visible to the student athlete and vetted businesses. Student athletes will also be able to forward their personal profile to coaches or academic establishments and businesses of their choice. (academic / athletic resume of sorts)
How will I know if I receive an offer from an NIL buisness?
Business can direct message student athletes. NIL Exposure Sports will receive notification of all offers made to Student Athletes. Listed guardian will also receive notice.
What are NIL Exposure Sports obligations if an offer is presented?
NIL Exposure Sports will align student athletes with business vendors. When a contact is made, NIL Exposure Sports will facilitate an arrangement between the business and student athlete. Any agreement must be in compliance with all local state laws to ensure compliance with the newly enacted NIL rules.
What are Student Athletes obligations if they receive an offer?
Any offer received by a student athlete may be accepted or declined by the student athlete. It is our expectation that student athletes will consult with coaches and parents prior to accepting any endorsement / deal.
What kinds of offers might student athletes receive?
  • Merchandise
  • Payment for use of likeness
  • Endorsements
  • Personal appearance requests
  • Special promotions
  • Initiations to attend sporting events
  • Gift certificates
  • And more…
May an athlete terminate an offer at any time?
Student athletes will enter into agreements with businesses, the terms of which they may negotiate. Whether or not an offer may be terminated will depend upon the terms of the agreement made.
The newly enacted NIL (Name Image Likeness) has been adopted by virtually every college in the United States. Currently, seventeen states have enacted statutes permitting student-athletes to benefit from their own Name Image Likeness. We expect all states to come on board in the month to come.